Word Images


My mood is more about nature and environment. My word is more conceptual because I enjoy literature and philosophy. Because of my love of nature, I chose more nature pictures. I used typical bold font because I am not a fan on very cursive or fancy fonts. The original one has its original beauty. I should improve my design to make it more colorful.


Final Portfolio



Artist Statement:

My topic of the final portfolio is The Love of Nature. Protecting our environment is protecting our planet. Protecting our planet is the responsibility of all human beings. I have utilized rule of thirds, stop motion and composite images to enhance my pictures. Being in this photography is one of the best parts of my life. I had learned a lot of cool photography techniques. In fact, I have great spaces to improve. I will keep my love and passion of photography for the rest of my life. With pictures, I record the ups and downs of my life.

Emotion Diptychs



My emotion is pride. From my product above, the pictures displayed the national pride of the person. I used stop motion and rule of third. The national flag repeals the pride of our nation as the leader of the free world. The person in the picture is smelling with the “unalienable right of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” He feels greatly satisfied to live in such a wonderful country.

Showcase Art Walk Reflection


This picture by Sebastian Boksem is very creative and artistic. The colorful water dropping from the huge plum is so attractive to me. This artist had displayed his sophisticated photography technique through his nice creations.


This art piece by Ella Yan is very creative. The shape of the teapot and the tea cups are outstanding. Different from the traditional design, this set of art had fused with some modern elements of design. This artist really put a lot of effort into her art.




This picture by Eduardo Balint reflected his love on music and especially guitar. The surface of guitar reflecting the light like a mirror. This is a very hard to photo since the photographer need to have a awesome manipulation of lights and shutter speed. I can feel his love and passion of music from his art.

Showcase Personal Portfolio

Artist Statement:

It is kind of hard for me to choose the topic “Graduation and Future.” The love of MIHS and the excitement of future is the main driven force for me to choose my topic. 4 years of high school in MIHS meant a lot to me. Recalling when I first stepped into MIHS 4 years ago, the time flies very fast. Moving from Beijing, China, my freshmen year in MIHS was hard. As an ELL student, I tried my best to adapt the new environment. Gladly, all my teachers and friends are always on my side and help me with my transition and adaption.

From this series of my pictures, I utilized the techniques of Stop Motion, worm’s eye view and macro.  I am most proud of my use of stop motion because I created awesome images from that. However, when using the stop motion, I should better control my shutter speed so that the motion I captured can be better improved.

By viewing my series of images, I hope to share my happiness and excitement of future with my viewers. With great bliss and happy tears, I would like to introduce the theme of my personal portfolio: Graduation and Future.

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